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ESCO Energy Solutions aims to improve energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse emissions through design, construction and energy management. Results from this process also have a positive long term impact on outgoing cost reduction of energy use.

As a service to its clients, ESCO manages and assess all of the data regarding any building or installation allowing us to understand key energy indicators and how they affect overall energy consumption. Our team can then establish specific goals for reducing energy consumption, costs and associated emissions we then as well as measure actual performance against those goals and manage the outcomes accordingly..

We use custom hardware and software to assist in the achievement of the goals for each building or installation. This service improves performance, enhances measurement and monitoring, control and optimization to sustain and improve results.  ESCO Energy Solutions energy management can reduce energy consumption and its associated greenhouse gas emissions by up to 25%.
Energy Management Solutions can be implemented in stages starting with smaller-scale, quick return-on-investment projects, moving to more comprehensive, higher-value projects.

Team Members are:
• GBCA (Green Building Council of Australia) Green Star Accredited Professionals and
• NABERS (National Australia Built Environment Rating System) NABERS Accredited assessors.


Santos Place Awarded 6 star Green Star Rating...more>>

P: +61 7 3218 2115
F: +61 7 3839 4649
E: info@escoenergy.com.au